Paint bubbles, peels and falls from courtroom ceiling

peeling ceiling
This is the biggest spot so far where paint has fallen from the Crawford County Courtroom ceiling.


By Ted Pennekamp


The Crawford County Courthouse building renovation was completed in October of 2013, but now problems have surfaced with the main courtroom ceiling. 


A few weeks ago, people noticed bubbling, cracking and peeling of the paint on the ornate tin ceiling, and over time it has been getting worse. John Poots, the head of maintenance, said that nobody is quite sure why the paint is peeling.


The peeling and falling paint is not necessarily a major hazard, but paint chips or dust could potentially fall into someone’s eyes. The ceiling is also becoming unsightly. 


The general contractor for the renovation project, Olympic Builders of Holmen, has been informed and they have had employees look at the peeling paint. 


Olympic Builders contends that the peeling is not covered under the first-year warranty because the architect’s specifications were followed when the paint was applied. 


Crawford County personnel argue, however, that the specifications say there can be no sagging of the paint. They say the bubbling of the paint constitutes sagging, and therefore, the cost of the paint job should be covered under the warranty. 


Poots said that the county’s public property committee is looking into the matter and will decide how to proceed. 


To date, none of the other tin ceilings in the building have had any problems with bubbling, cracking and peeling paint. 


Olympic Builders was awarded the contract for the entire renovation project with a bid of $2.081 million.

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