Crossing Rivers Clinic transitions to new site seamlessly

The brand new facility for Crossing Rivers Health Clinic, at 37822 Hwy. 18, in Prairie du Chien, opened for patients on July 1. The clinic, formerly the Prairie du Chien Memorial Health Clinic, relocated from its old location on North Marquette Road to the new hospital site. Staff is looking forward to a grand opening on Thursday, July 31, from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. There will be food, refreshments, door prizes, kids’ games and a bouncy house. (Photos by Correne Martin)

One of Dr. Ann Grunwald’s last patients at the Prairie du Chien Memorial Health Clinic, now the Crossing Rivers Health Clinic, on June 27, was Mary Zittergruen, of Monona, Iowa.

One of Dr. Mark Grunwald’s first patients at the new Crossing Rivers Health Clinic location on July 1, was Dan Reger, of Prairie du Chien. (Photo by Correne Martin)

Staff at the Crossing Rivers Health Clinic, formerly Prairie du Chien Memorial Health Clinic, enjoyed a potluck lunch on their last day at the old location on June 27. Pictured are (from left) Office Tech Lynn Palas, Nurse Practitioner Sue McMillan, Dr. Ann Grunwald, Nurse Practitioner Peggy Barton, Medical Assistant Jodi Dressler, Biller/Coder Russ Jones, Medical Assistant Shaina Adam, Dr. Mark Grunwald, Office Manager Lisa Keeney and Receptionist Deb Ryan. (Submitted photo)

By Correne Martin

In addition to a new name, there’s also a new, larger location for the Crossing Rivers Health Clinic, formerly Prairie du Chien Memorial Health Clinic. The recently-built facility at 37822 U.S. Hwy. 18 in Prairie du Chien, on the same site as the new hospital, opened to patients on July 1.

The clinic was Great River Community Medical Clinic before it became PdC Memorial Health Clinic in January. The location at 100 N. Marquette Rd. closed at noon on Friday, June 27. The clinic remained closed to the public on Monday, June 30 and reopened in its current Hwy. 18 space at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, July 1. The long-awaited transition itself was seamless, as clinic staff and their hospital colleagues organized, packaged and delivered most of the supplies and equipment.

Drs. Mark and Ann Grunwald, Dr. Steven Bush and Family Nurse Practitioners Sue McMillan and Peggy Barton are continuing as providers at the new location. In August, they will be joined by fresh faces Dr. Owen Vincent and Dr. Sara Rybarcyzk. By the fall, Crossing Rivers Health Clinic expects to start bringing in a number of visiting specialists as well.

“For all of the staff, especially those who have been together for four to five years, [the move] was bittersweet, yet very exciting,” Clinic Administrator Derek Kruempel said. “With the extra space and providers, we will see more patients, have so much more capability and eventually be on the same grounds as the hospital, which will be convenient.”

“With our growing number of physicians and specialties, we need the space to be able to accommodate them,” Dr. Bush added. “The new clinic is more open and inviting for patients. All the technology is state-of-the-art; we’re excited about the telemedicine capabilities this will allow us.”

While the services will be expanding, Crossing Rivers Health Clinic’s family care services will remain patient focused in the areas of primary medical care, preventative medicine, behaviorial health services and women’s health.

The new clinic means quite an upgrade in terms of size too. The new facility provides an additional 5,000 square feet than the old clinic, for a total of 6,600 square feet now.

“The additional rooms and storage space are great,” Office Manager Lisa Keeney said. “We’re going from five exam rooms to 16 and from one procedure room to two. We have a dedicated lab space, a blood draw station and a bigger reception area with a back billing office for some of the behind-the-scenes work.” Of course, the computers, software and furnishings are all brand new as well.

Crossing Rivers Health Clinic staff experienced just a few small hurdles during the switch over. Fax capabilities were cut off four hours earlier than expected on June 27 and the new lobby furniture was not delivered until the afternoon of July 1. Keeney said staff found ways to make do and patients were extremely understanding.

Overall, the move seemed to go as smoothly as the building project as a whole. “It’s been fun. The contractor, Market & Johnson, has been very good. They’ve bent over backward to get the work done for us,” Kruempel said.

According to Keeney, who has worked at the clinic since Drs. Mark and Ann Grunwald opened it as Great River Community Medical Clinic in August of 2008, the relocation has been metaphorical in a way.

“We’ve been through our share of hurdles since Dr. Ann and Dr. Mark started because not too many physicians start their own clinic,” Keeney stated. “Whether it’s been Great River Medical Clinic, Prairie du Chien Memorial Health Clinic or Crossing Rivers Health Clinic, we’ve just dealt with the flow. We have a great staff. We work well together. We’re just like a family.”

Additional staff at Crossing Rivers Health Clinic include Mandy Petit, clinical nurse coordinator; Jodi Dressler and Shaina Adam, medical assistants; Russ Jones, biller/coder; Lynn Palas, office tech; and Deb Ryan, receptionist.

For more information, contact the clinic at 326-1072, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., or visit

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