Campbell to host Internet radio show


By Audrey Posten, North Iowa Times Editor


Patti Campbell, of McGregor’s Green Room Spa, has been selected to host a 13-week pilot series on the Internet talk radio network Voice America.


Campbell said the opportunity came as a shock to her. She said someone came into the spa who knew someone on the network’s research team, who then gave her name to an executive producer.


“I thought, ‘Is this a scam? Is this legitimate?’” Campbell said, recalling a message the executive producer left asking her to check out the radio station and consider the opportunity. “All my research powers went into investigating it. I wanted to make sure.”


Campbell said she’s randomly contacted several other show hosts who have verified the network’s legitimacy and raved about how much they’ve enjoyed the experience.


In order to get the series, which will air on the 7th Wave channel, Campbell said she had to pitch a nine-week series, listing show titles and possible guests. She also provided some name ideas for the show, a bio about herself and information about what the show would be like. When the network said they loved her idea, Campbell said she was amazed.


“I didn’t think they’d understand my pitch,” she said.


After agreeing to host the show, Campbell said she was very excited, but, soon, nerves started to set in.


“I said, ‘I don’t think I can do this,’ but my husband said, ‘Yes, you can,’” Campbell recalled. “He pushed me. He still has to push me some days. Maybe it’ll be better after the first 13 weeks. I’m just nervous because I don’t want to let anyone down.”


The show, which has the tagline “Helping you help yourself heal,” has yet to be named. Campbell has asked her Green Room Spa Facebook fans to offer up suggestions. A few of the names will be offered to the network, which will choose a title by Thursday, July 3.


Although final approval goes through the network, Campbell said all guests and subject matter will be based around her ideas and passions.


“I believe everybody can help themselves heal,” Campbell said, explaining her show’s premise. “I want to give people the tools to make that happen for themselves.”


Her goal, she said, is to help people pick themselves up, dust off and become better people each day—something she’s done for herself.


“When everyday life bogs you down, the first thing to go is spirituality,” Campbell explained. “Second is emotional well-being, then physical well-being. If you get that spirituality back into gear, if that’s built up, everything will fall in line.”


Campbell said she has a whole tool belt full of experiences she can share, so many life stories will be interjected into the show. Weekly guest hosts, who all live locally, will also share information from their specialized realms of health. Topics will include everything from fitness and finding the right foods to eat to young living oils and emotional release.


“We’re not doctors,” Campbell said. “We’re just everyday people who have the knowledge and experience to help other people.”


At the end of each show, Campbell said she would like to pose a question of the week to get listeners involved. At that time, she will give a question and also read touching or meaningful responses to the previous week’s question.


The show will air at 11 a.m. each Thursday beginning Sept. 25. Each show will be one hour long, or 42 minutes without commercial breaks, said Campbell. The network is based in Phoenix, so she will do the show through an Internet feed.


Campbell said it is up to her to get sponsorships for the show. Hopefully, once entities hear her show, they will call to be a part of it.


“The goal is to get a big-time sponsor who supports the business you have,” Campbell explained.


She said dealing with things like branding, logos and photos have already been challenging. However, said Campbell, with the help of her son and Kelli Boylen, a massage therapist at Green Room Spa, she’s learning to traverse the technological world.


At the end of the 13-show run, she said the network will gauge sponsorship and ratings to determine if the show will continue.


“If nothing else, it will be a good learning experience,” Campbell said. “Even if I don’t get offered more, I can put this into the tool belt.”

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