Elkader man charged with four counts of felony bail jumping

On Thursday, June 19, Prairie du Chien Police Officer Jeff Henry received a complaint that Chad Dahling, 44, of Elkader, threatened an individual. Allegedly, Dahling told the individual that he would shoot the individual the next time the two saw each other.

According to the police report, after other considerably reliable citizens gave statements supporting claims that Dahling had broken the terms of his bail, an attempt to locate was put out for him.

Law enforcement officials from the Clayton County Sheriff’s Department went to Dahling’s residence, and upon arrival, as is detailed in the official report, Deputy Jed Jones and other officers observed Dahling through a window, sleeping on a couch. Eventually, the officers made entry into the residence and placed Dahling in custody.

While removing Dahling from the couch, a loaded rifle with the safety off, was found under Dahling’s couch cushions, according to the report.

Deputy Jones stated in the report that while officers were attempting to take Dahling into custody, he actively and physically resisted  the officers.

Due to previous arrests and bail releases, Dahling has been brought up on four counts of bail jumping, each carrying, upon conviction, a maximum fine of $10,000, up to six years of imprisonment, or both.

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