Standing strong in celebration of 1812

Walking Tall
Looks like Cinderella has some new footwear to show off—stilts. Heights were not a problem for 5-year-old Maci (left) during the Prairie du Chien Memorial Library’s celebration of 1812 Saturday. Event organizer Brenda Anderson did her best to keep the kids in attendance having fun and standing on their own two feet.
Checking it out
All ages were invited to look at the Prairie du Chien Memorial Library’s plans for expansion during Saturday’s 1812 celebration. Although they will one day utilize the expansion, Melaina Yender, 7, and Adam Anderson, 8, both of Prairie du Chien, found something more interesting to “check” out at the event.
Maple goodies
Each food item offered at the event contained maple syrup, a common sweetener used in the 1800s.
Singers 1
Although the library had other entertainment plans, which unfortunately did not pan out, four area singers were able to captivate Saturday’s crowd just fine with a rendition of “Amazing Grace.” Pictured, from left, are Norb Aschom, Nancy Becker, Charlie Connell and Eric Tempte.
Singers 2-Trio
As the song “The Star-Spangled Banner” was written during the War of 1812, it only seemed right that the song should be sung during the library’s celebration. Nancy Becker (not pictured), Norb Aschom (left), Eric Tempte (center) and Charlie Connell brought their voices together to lead the crowd in our nation’s anthem.
Spinning tops
Sisters Maci, 5, and Bree, 10, kept themselves busy with an 1812 favorite toy—the spinning top.
Yard games
Event planner Brenda Anderson (center) used fun lawn games to entertain the younger members of Saturday’s audience. The game above is played with closed eyes and sound effects, the object of the game being to find everyone making the same noise as you.

Photos by Caitlin Bittner

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