Organic, healthy food store open on Blackhawk Avenue

Prairie du Chien’s Ericka Stubbs opened her new local, organic, healthy food store at 126 W. Blackhawk Ave., in downtown PdC on May 8. She is shown in her customers’ favorite bulk foods room. (Photo by Correne Martin)

By Correne Martin

If you’re at all like the rest of the public interested in the local, organic and healthy food movement—good food minus the GMOs, pesticides and other harmful practices—you’ve been anxiously awaiting the opening of Driftless Edibles in downtown Prairie du Chien.

Ericka Stubbs officially opened her doors for business at 126 W. Blackhawk Ave., on May 8, offering basically a whole grocery store on a small scale.

Within just two rooms, shoppers can find everything from fresh and plentiful produce; grass-fed beef; bulk herbs, spices, pastas and candy; sunflower and olive oil; honey; dairy free and gluten free products including cheeses, yogurt and ice cream; frozen foods; baking goods; homemade bread and buns; health and beauty products like fluoride-free toothpaste; cleaning products; essential oils; kids food, diapers, books and toys; and miscellaneous items such as citronella candles, bug spray and lump charcoal.

“We have a strong focus on selling locally-grown, locally-made items. We buy the bulk of our goods from local farmers/growers who care about this area and about providing quality food to the people who call the Driftless Area home,” Stubbs said. “People can literally do all their grocery shopping here. If there’s something people want, I’m more than happy to try to get it for them. And if someone is interested in selling their products here, they’re welcome to get in touch with me.”

To compliment the various shopping opportunities at Driftless Edibles, Stubbs has some exciting programs she’s offering her customers.

One, every third Monday of the month will be Community-Minded Monday, when 1 percent of all Driftless Edibles’ sales will benefit an area non-profit organization (chosen by Stubbs).

Two, memberships can be purchased for $50 per year, earning the customer access to member-only sales twice a month and 10 percent off their order three times per year—no matter how large the order may be.

“I think this will really give customers a chance to stock up on the things they need, and get a discount when they do that,” Stubbs said.

Members can also receive a 15 percent discount on classes held at Driftless Edibles. The classes/workshops, led by Stubbs and her knowledgeable network of friends, may include topics such as brewing kombucha, sprouting seeds, after-dinner cordial-making, and gluten-free baking. Classes are also open to non-members.

June classes include:
Saturday, June 7—Growing Alfalfa Sprouts;
Saturday, June 14—Brewing Kombucha; and
Saturday, June 28—Gluten-free Baking.

“This has all been a dream in the making for 25 years. It was just time,” Stubbs said of her new business. “The response has been fantastic, more than I could imagine so far.”

Driftless Edibles currently employs one part-time worker, in addition to Stubbs, and plans to offer scholarships to students interested in alternative careers.

When you shop at Driftless Edibles, you are not only supporting one local business but a multitude of other vendors the business supports.

Hours are Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

For more information about the business, contact Ericka at 326-0685 or find Driftless Edibles on Facebook.

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