McGregor reviews riverfront project plans


By Audrey Posten, North Iowa Times Editor


At its May 21 meeting, the McGregor City Council also reviewed the scope of work and preliminary cost estimate from Davy Engineering for the city’s riverfront project.


The work includes seven components, most notably dredging. In an email to the city, Michael Davy said the intent is to dredge a limited area and remove sediment from the 36-inch storm sewer discharge and the 2007 flash flood that came down the boat ramp. Dredging will begin roughly 50 feet upstream of the storm sewer discharge and extend to the downstream side of the boat ramp, just under the pier to the gas dock. Dredging depth will be approximately five feet deep just off shore and continue out 50 to 100 feet.


Work will also be done to the block wall and the landing at the stairway. The existing block wall from the boat ramp to the stairway, said Davy, will be temporarily removed, a compacted gravel base constructed, a layer of geotextile placed, old block restacked and the wall raised with new block. The wall height will be tall enough to create a place to construct a five-foot wide concrete ramp to the landing of the stairway.


Another part of the project includes some riprapping. First, old riprap will be pulled up starting at the stairway to the public docks. New, heavy riprap will then be placed from the toe of the slope to the top of the bank to cover smaller rock and blend into the larger rock. At the minimum, riprapping will extend 100 feet upstream from the stairway.


Additional improvements, said Davy, will include:

  • A storm sewer extension on a sewer roughly 12 feet downstream from the public docks.
  • The addition of a conduit for water and electric.
  • Anchor bollards installed at 100-foot intervals.
  • The clearing of a dry hydrant intake.


The total estimated cost for the project, including construction, engineering, permitting, mussel surveying, mitigation and consultation, as well as other legal fees and contingencies, is $273,990.


The council accepted the plans and will advise Davy to proceed with the project.


“It’s a big undertaking,” Mayor Harold Brooks said, adding that the improvement will be great for the community.


Councilman Charlie Carroll had some reservations.


“I’m worried that it’s cutting back on the part people are going to see,” he said of the cost. “I’m having a hard time visualizing it.”


Carroll also worried about what will have to be added down the road.


“It was left open-ended so that more can be done later,” explained City Administrator Lynette Sander.


Brooks said Davy designed the plans to give the city the biggest bang for their buck.


“I hope it’s a big bang,” Carroll replied.


“We don’t have $1 million, so we’ll make it as big a bang as we can,” Sander added.


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