Prairie du Chien Memorial rebrands itself: CROSSING RIVERS HEALTH

Is Prairie du Chien Memorial merging with or being acquired by another organization?

No. The organization has been and will remain independent, managed by a volunteer board of
directors and governed by an association of members.


Why is Prairie du Chien Memorial Hospital changing its name?

• Hospital leadership conducted a brand audit in order to measure the perception and level of acceptance of the current brand. The audit included online surveys, external focus groups and internal
focus groups.

• Hospital administrators and the board of directors determined a new brand identity would better represent the hospital’s more than 60 diversified services, geographic service area and philosophy.

• The Community Health Needs Assessment conducted in 2012 reflected the need to shift the focus of area healthcare to a wellness model.


Why has the new name and logo been kept a secret?

•There were several steps that needed to be completed in order to perform due diligence – including researching and registering trade names and trademarks, designing the materials, planning the timing of the rebrand and other important preparatory work.

•Hospital leadership wanted to be sure to share this exciting news all at once, with as many team members as possible. Doing this during National Hospital Week is a fitting and appropriate time.



What is the new name?

•Prairie du Chien Memorial will be DBA (“Doing Business As”) Crossing Rivers Health. The Hospital and other divisions such as Homecare, WEE Care, Family Resource Center, etc. will be part of the Crossing Rivers Health system.

•Crossing Rivers Health Clinic will be the name for current and new clinics.


What does the name represent?

•“Crossing Rivers” both describes the health system’s location – at the confluence of the Mississippi River and the Wisconsin River – and its service to patients on both sides of the rivers in two states,
Wisconsin and Iowa.

•Rivers are symbolic of nature. Their currents represent the flow of life. Water is a universal symbol of life. Many consider it healing and even holy.

•“Health Center” replaces “Hospital” to more accurately describe the services the organization provides, including holistic care, disease prevention and wellness.

•A health center is a place where people go to get and stay well.

•The tagline will be, “Your bridge to wellness.”


What is the meaning behind the new tagline?

•"Your bridge to wellness” conveys many different messages. A bridge represents the care provided to patients on both sides of the rivers in two states, Wisconsin and Iowa.

•The health system also bridges a patient’s entire lifespan of care – from birth to hospice.

•Crossing Rivers’ providers act as bridges who connect patients to high‐quality healthcare.

•The healthcare industry and the nation as a whole have shifted the focus of care to emphasize prevention and wellness.



What does the new logo represent?

•The blues and greens are soothing and natural. They remind us of water, nature and life. The colors are modern, suitable for a state‐of‐the art facility.

•The clean font of the name is modern, but is softened by the warmth and welcoming nature of the script tagline font. The fonts represent how the health system is both high tech and high touch.

•The bridge resembles the actual bridge connecting Wisconsin and Iowa.

•The swirls are reminiscent both of river currents and of bluffs overlooking the river.

•The colors complement the interior theme and finishes of the new hospital.


When will the transition to the new brand begin and end?

•The rebrand will be a gradual change.

•It will first be implemented at the new clinic, opening in July. The new Prairie du Chien clinic will be called Crossing Rivers Health Clinic and the name of the Fennimore clinic will also change accordingly.

•The rebrand process will be completed with the opening of the new health center in the spring of 2015.

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