Unique firearms business

Stark Armament Company
Stark Armament Company owner Kent Stark holds one of the semi automatic rifles that he manufactured.


Local man operates unique firearms business

By Ted Pennekamp


Stark Armament of Prairie du Chien, a part of Kstarky Enterprises, is a somewhat unusual business for a small community. Stark Armament Company sells firearms, parts and accessories mostly to law enforcement, ex-law enforcement and ex-military personnel. 

“We’re unique within about a 100-mile radius,” said proprietor Kent Stark, who noted that he sells automatic and semi-automatic rifles as well as tactical shotguns, handguns and bulk ammunition.

“Stark Armament Company is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of firearms, training and accessories,” said Stark. 

Stark said that a lot of his customers buy firearms for home defense. Some also use them for sport shooting and competitions. 

Along with selling firearms, Stark is a licensed gunsmith who manufactures custom made rifles such as the Stark Armament Company SAC 15 which is a semi automatic rifle based on the AR 15 platform. The rifles he manufactures have his company’s name on the lower receiver as well as the serial number. 

The most popular rifle that Stark sells is the SAC 15 with a 16-inch barrel, which is civilian legal. Another popular rifle is the fully automatic M-16, which are sold to law enforcement and military personnel. 

“We sell high quality, match grade rifles,” said Stark, who noted that there are three categories that he sells. Federal Firearms License (FFL) includes AR-15s with 16-inch barrels or longer, AK-47s with 18-inch barrels or longer, and tactical shotguns with 18-inch barrels or longer. Special Occupation Tax (SOT), also known as Class 3, includes short-barreled rifles (SBR), short-barreled shotguns (SBS), suppressors, and machine guns that were made in 1986 or before. Civilians need a civilian tax stamp in order to purchase these firearms. SOT firearms also include machine guns that were made after 1986 and other firearms which can be owned only by law enforcement or military personnel. 

Handguns fall under the category of Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW). Stark is a certified NRA instructor and offers CCW classes for men and women who are 21 or older. The classes allow people from Wisconsin or Iowa to get their concealed carry permits. Stark also teaches handgun safety. He said that he offers handgun safety and CCW classes for free to students who purchase a handgun from him. 

“More than half of my handgun customers are women,” said Stark who has been teaching the classes for the past two years. “It’s important to educate people about safety and the responsibilities of owning a handgun.”

Along with rifles manufactured by him, Stark said that he also sells piston operated AR-15s made by POF USA as well as POF USA 308s, which are .308 caliber AR-10s that some people use for deer and elk hunting.

Stark said that he also has a complete line of high quality parts that either he or the customer can assemble into a custom rifle. In addition, Stark also makes custom holsters for concealed carry customers. 

Anyone seeking more information about Stark Armament Company or Kstarky Enterprises can visit the website kstarkyenterprises.com. Kstarky Enterprises is located at 716 S. Marquette Road. With the current construction on Marquette Road, Stark said that potential customers can go on Ohio Street to access the business from the back. The phone number is (608) 326-1008.

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