Event displays importance of Scouting

After the presentation of colors, Tyler Steiber (left), Aiden Thomas (center) and Wesley Mink saluted the American flag Thursday for the second annual Taste of Scouting Luncheon, at the Prairie du Chien Memorial Hospital. The program brought together friends of the local Boy Scout and Cub Scout troops to understand more about what Scouting represents for over 70 youths in the Prairie du Chien area. Scouting programs help shape the hearts and minds of young men, develop character, teach interpersonal and life skills, instill values, prepare them to make choices, provide a positive environment, allow quality family time and much more. “Today’s Scouts will be tomorrow’s leaders,” Emcee Timothy Brom stated. About 25 young men have achieved the Eagle Scout rank over the years in Prairie du Chien, and there are two more working toward the accomplishment this year. (Photo by Correne Martin)

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