Logan Keehner presents at Coe College symposium

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Coe College

Logan Keehner, a senior business administration and public relations major from Guttenberg, presented his research findings in front of students and faculty on Tuesday, April 15, at Coe College, Cedar Rapids.

Keehner’s research focused on Twitter use by six different music artists of varying genres. “I researched the music industry last summer,” he said. “I wanted to focus on organic or unpaid promotional efforts rather than paid advertising.”

Keehner analyzed several different categories of tweets to determine what things artists liked to focus on when communicating over social media platforms. These categories included self-promotion, live performances, previous performances, album or song promotion, merchandise, peers, fan interaction, philanthropy, and general content.

The Student Research Symposium allows research students to present their projects to anyone who is interested in the topic. The students’ goal at symposium is to turn useful information from a 50+ page project into a presentation that lasts about 15 minutes. This speeds up the learning process about their research for those who have interest. 

There were some parts of Keehner’s research process that he didn’t anticipate. “What surprised me the most was how many times I had to revise my methodology in order for it to be effective,” he said. “I didn’t expect the data to be easily quantifiable, but the amount of hours I spent tweaking my methodology was unexpected.”

Keehner is very grateful for the experiences he has had at Coe. “Coe has helped me prepare for graduate school by providing an on campus internship and research opportunity,” he said. “I’ll miss the friendships, not just with the students, but with faculty and staff as well.”

Keehner’s study has helped propel him to the next level as far as post-graduation goes. Next year, he will attend the University of Texas at Austin to earn his master’s degree in advertising.

Keehner is the son of Darryl and Teresa Keehner of Guttenberg. 

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