MFL MarMac had good site visit


By Audrey Posten, North Iowa Times Editor


Last week, Superintendent Dale Crozier said MFL MarMac had its five-year School Improvement Advisory Committee (SIAC) site visit from the Iowa Department of Education and that it went very well.


“They were very happy with our collaboration and the progress we’ve made with our goals and strategic plan,” he said. “We have very little to fix.”


The visit includes a comprehensive check of the school district, looking at everything from graduation requirements and the school calendar to school programs and policies.


Staff and students were also interviewed to help verify the school climate and culture.


Crozier said the district is advised to fix only three things—provide minutes from a SIAC meeting, health education credits and the construction of a fence around the playground for the early childhood and special education kids. Of those things, Crozier said, in the end, the fence will likely be the only thing that needs to be fixed.


In an email, Holly Barnes, school improvement consultant with the Iowa Department of Education, highlighted some of the things the team noted from its site visit to MFL MarMac.

·Several of the groups interviewed indicated that increased collaboration is creating an environment in which data is analyzed and instructional decisions are made to best meet the needs of all students.

·Teachers noted that they have many opportunities for leadership, especially through Professional Learning Committees (PLC), which they also said were inclusive and an important part of professional development.

·Multiple student and staff interviewees cited the counseling department as a strength.

·The district is commended for how it handled a recent evacuation.

·PLC and PAWS groups help students get extra help if it is needed.

·Several groups indicated that the SINA process has been a great vehicle to refocus teachers’ attention on increasing student achievement.

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