Hwy. 27 project slated for 2019

DOT and Eastman officials discuss the preliminary design plans of the 2019 Highway 27 improvement project, which includes 9.94 miles from Cipra Road to Eastman, as well as the main street in the village of Eastman. (Photo by Correne Martin)

By Correne Martin

Over 40 community members attended an open house meeting Feb. 27 at Friendship Hall in Eastman, regarding the 2019 Highway 27 improvement project. Exhibits revealed plans to recondition the roadway and upgrade several deficient areas on 9.94 miles between Cipra Road in the Prairie du Chien township and Meadow Lane Street on the south limits of the village of Eastman. Significant work will be done in the village as well.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation and Eastman officials were present to explain to the public the preliminary plans, answer questions and obtain input.

“We’re basically letting people know there is a project,” said Jeremy Krachey, the project engineer from WisDOT’s Southwest Region, noting that plans are very basic at this time. “There will be another meeting like this in one year, where we’ll present more detailed proposals.”

The current schedule for the project is to complete preliminary plans and a preliminary right-of-way plat in the first half of the current year. An environmental review and documentation process will be completed later in 2014, along with historical and archaeological surveys. The final plat is scheduled for completion in the winter of 2014-2015 for the negotiation-acquisition process that may begin as early as 2015. DOT and local officials will meet at various times from now throughout the project.

According to DOT literature, the majority of the project will consist of pulverizing and relaying the existing pavement and adding five inches of new asphalt. The shoulders of the road will be widened from the current four-foot width to six feet wide. The entire shoulder will be paved. Sideslopes will be graded to fit the new roadway width.

There are some areas of the highway that will be realigned and reconstructed due to crash history and inadequate alignment.

All side road intersections will be improved as well. One of the greatest changes related to side roads will involve realigning the Wachuta Road/Limery Road intersection, so the two roads will line up across from each other, improving safety. Also, the Kendal Lane intersection will be adjusted to be 90 degrees to avoid impacts to the adjacent cemetery.

In the village of Eastman, between Meadow Lane Street to just north of Water Street (about .68 miles), the street will be reconstructed, including new base course and asphalt, curb and gutter, sidewalk, pavement marking, permanent signing and isolated retaining walls. Storm sewer will be replaced. No sanitary sewer or water main work will be done.

Krachey said this project was originally scheduled by the DOT to happen in 2017, but it has been pushed back two years. He didn’t elaborate on the reason for the change.

Krachey will accept emailed or written comments about the project prior to Friday, March 14 at Jeremy.Krachey@dot.wi.gov or 3550 Mormon Coulee Rd., La Crosse, WI 54601. Please provide the project ID 5541-06-00/02 as well as your name, address, phone number and email with your comments.

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