Eastman recommends residents run water

The village of Eastman Water Utility is recommending residents immediately start running a small, pencil-sized stream of water in their homes to prevent frozen laterals (pipes) to their homes. This recommendation remains in effect until further notice and is voluntary.

Deep frost poses a potential risk to the village’s utility mains and, more important, laterals that bring water to homes. Water flowing helps keep water temperatures warmer and limits the risk of potential freezing. Cold water faucets should be used because running hot water is not as effective and also wastes energy. Customers should also watch for discolored water or rusty water as this is an early indication of pipes freezing. If you see discolored water, run your cold water hard until the water clears.

Pursuant to Public Service Commission rules, a water credit will be established and provided to all customers, based upon annual consumption at this time last year compared to this year. Once the dollar amount on the credit is established, it will be reflected on your bill.

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