Speech students perform at showcase

Dakota Hickman shared the poetry selection she will present at Saturday's district speech competition. (Photos by Audrey Posten)

Ayla Boylen also presented a poetry piece.

Victoria Van Wey performed her solo musical theater piece at Sunday’s speech showcase.

Catie Lang shared an informative original oratory presentation about recombinant bovine somatotropin (rbST) in milk cows.

Tristan Meyer performed two pieces at the showcase—one storytelling piece about why a spider has eight legs and another acting piece about pet peeves.

Sheree Scarff also performed twice, including one literary program and a prose selection.

At the end of the showcase, the group of Ashley Heins, Chloe Landt and Catie Lang did an improvisation performance. Lang played a woman talking to herself in the bathroom, while Landt and Heins waited impatiently outside.

Here, Heins and Landt practice meditation to keep their bladders under control while they wait for Lang and her friend Karen to leave the bathroom.


By Audrey Posten, North Iowa Times Editor


On Feb. 23, MFL MarMac held a speech showcase, highlighting the performances of both group and individual speech participants. Speech coach Angie Killian said this was the school’s first showcase.


“The new auditorium provides an inviting atmosphere for this,” she said, in welcoming the crowd.


The showcase featured 18 performances from both MFL MarMac and Waukon students, with group and individual presentations intermingled. Most of the group performances were pre-recorded, as they were short films or radio or television broadcast pieces, so they were shown on the big screen. 


The individual speech students performed their pieces in front of the crowd, marking the first time they had done so before their upcoming district competition, which will be held at MFL MarMac on Saturday, March 1. Some of the categories included poetry, solo musical theater, original oratory, acting, storytelling, prose and literary program (a combination of poetry and prose).


An important aspect of the speech program, said Killian, is the confidence it instills in the participants. It’s also challenging and competitive, allows students to unleash their creativity, aligns with the Iowa Core curriculum and beefs up students’ resumes and college applications.


Before the performances began, Killian called out her senior speech students, Catie Lang, Tristan Meyer and Sheree Scarff, to talk about their speech experiences.


Scarff said being involved in speech has upped her confidence.


“It’s about involvement and being yourself and not caring what others think, even if you mess up,” she said.


Although she was peer pressured into joining four years ago, Lang said it has also helped her develop as a person.


“[Because of speech] I’m able to come out and talk to you all. It really helps a person come out of their shell,” she said. “It also helps you present who you are to people.”


Meyer said he was first captivated by speech back in eighth grade, when Killian brought a showcase to the middle school.


“It’s just a lot of fun,” he said. “We work hard at it.”

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