Winter water problems spread

By Shelia Tomkins

As Old Man Winter continues his icy grip on the area into mid-February, the number of Guttenberg household affected by frozen water lines continues to climb.

As of Monday morning, Feb. 17, Jamie Blume, city utility billing clerk, reported that the city was aware of 67 frozen water lines, including the Guttenberg Fire Station and the South Marina building.

Blume said that 303 locations were running water in hopes of avoiding frozen water lines. She advised people to continue running water if their water is very cold. Reports have been received that freeze-ups have occurred within an hour or two after shutting off running water. One resident reported that a water line froze while it was running.  

Reviewing records from the last  widespread water line freeze-up in 2009, Blume noted that when several households and a water main froze on River Park Drive, that some had thawed by the end of February. 

For more information on the problem, see the front page story in last week's issue.

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