Settlement opens doors for new True Value

By Correne Martin

The Prairie du Chien Common Council came out of closed session Tuesday night and passed the following motion:

“To approve the settlement between the City of Prairie du Chien and Redevelopment Authority versus Martin Rifken; Block 43, LLC; Madison Office Fund, LLC, and Thomas Gialamas, and further demand that the city and RDA be the final signators to the settlement, but delay the signing of the settlement until a development agreement between the city, the Redevelopment Authority, Nelson True Value & Agri-Center, Inc., and Marquette Hayden Property, LLC is executed, at which time both related documents shall be executed.”

“We have a settlement in place to resolve the litigation involving the Block 43 sale last year between Rifken and Gialamas, which the city felt was illegal,” City Administrator Aaron Kramer said. “A recent ruling on our behalf from Crawford County Judge James Czajkowski essentially confirmed our position in the matter, leading to a very intense series of discussions on a settlement in the past week.

“The city is now in the process of negotiating the terms of a development agreement with Dan (Kanis) to construct a new Nelson True Value store on the site north of Walgreens, which preserves many jobs. I would anticipate we will have something for the council to consider on that phase of the settlement on Feb. 18.”

The city and its RDA initially filed legal action in Crawford County Court on June 7, 2013. To read more details about the original lawsuit, refer to the July 10 Courier Press article available at

The Courier Press will continue its coverage of this settlement in upcoming issues.

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