PdC Girl Scouts host open house Jan. 28

While the Cookie Program may be the most well known aspect of Girl Scouts, girls will also participate in other activities and day camps fostering enduring characteristics of making friends, working together and, of course, having fun.

If you join Girl Scouts this winter, you’ll still have time to help out with the tastiest part of the year, the Cookie Program!

Girl Scouts get into action through activities like hiking and taking day trips.

By Caitlin Bittner

Most people know about Girl Scouts because of the tasty treats they sell in the spring of the year, but they are so much more than that.

Badgerland Council Director of Marketing Christy Gibbs said that the mission of Girl Scouts is to build courage, confidence and character so that the girls can make the world a better place.

“A girl who was a Girl Scout for even just a few years is more likely to grow up to earn a college degree, earn more money and give more hours of community service than the girl who was not a Girl Scout,” said Gibbs, who went on to note that the Girl Scout Research Institute conducted a study showing the truth of her statement.

Girl Scouts are separated into different categories by age so that all who wish to may be involved in age appropriate activities tailored to their needs and interests. Different age groups, ranging from kindergarten to 12th grade, include Daisies (K-1), Brownies (2-3), Juniors (4-5),  Cadettes (6-8), Seniors (9-10) and Ambassadors (11-12).

Projects range from robotics to outdoor adventure camping to learning how to be a ‘social’ butterfly while being safe on social media and earning the Netiquette Badge.

There are about 60 area girls involved in Girls Scouts in the  Prairie du Chien area. Troop meetings can vary by age. For example, area Daisy Troop #2931, led by Anna Troester and Alice Rowe, meets two evenings every month.

“Two of the girls’ favorite activities would be joining in any of the local parades and doing the cookie sale,” said Troester.  “The parades allow the girls to have fun while promoting Girl Scouts and the cookie sale is amazing in helping to provide them with self-confidence and goal setting.”

Other activities area Girl Scouts are involved with are the Baby Drive for the Family Resource Center, the Canned Food Drive for the Food Pantry, the Community Christmas Dinner and the Community Easter Egg Hunt. Additionally, the groups have taken field trips to an area dairy farm, a veterinary clinic, the Children’s Museum in La Crosse and various Girl Scout day camps.

Want to learn more about getting involved? Come to the Prairie du Chien area’s open house on Tuesday, Jan. 28, from 4 to 5 p.m. at B.A. Kennedy Elementary School.

Girls who join this winter will still be able to participate in the world-famous Girl Scout Cookie Program which runs from Feb. 8 to March 23, aside from many other great friendship building activities. Adults who are interested in volunteering are welcome to attend as well.

For more information, or if you cannot attend the meeting contact Shannon Craig at (608) 784-3693, ext. 4302 or craigs@gsbadgerland.org.

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