Adams is contestant in statewide business competition

Adams needs your help to win My People App-rentice: Des Moines, a competition which will jumpstart the launch of his product, the Arctic Stick. (Photo submitted)

By Molly Moser

Garnavillo resident Brandon Adams is in the middle of the adventure of a lifetime. He’s just won a video contest as part of a competition known as My People App-rentice: Des Moines, and he needs your help to continue being successful.

In early December, Adams filmed an informational video with plans to set up an online fundraising campaign for his invention, the Arctic Stick. Arctic Stick is a product that fits inside plastic beverage bottles to keep them cool. Any liquid can be frozen inside the Arctic Stick, then dropped into a drink for a flavor burst. 

Just one week after the video was filmed, Adams discovered My People App-rentice. “I signed up, and am one of 50 people in the state of Iowa that got picked,” he told The Press. Friends and fans voted for Adams’ unique video, in which he described his day-to-day life as it revolves around selling real estate, ice, and working on the Arctic Stick. “I won that video because yes, it was creative, but through social media I got my contacts to give me the most ‘likes,’” said Adams.

Celebrity entrepreneur Tana Goertz, a Des Moines native who appeared on season three of The Apprentice, has teamed up with My People App to bring opportunity, networking, and prizes to one of Iowa’s 50 competitors. Contestants in My People App-rentice are competing for their choice of three grand prizes: A $5,000 vacation anywhere in the world, a one-year lease of a Mercedes Benz or BMW, or a home office full of Apple products. Winning the video competition gives Adams a distinct advantage in completing the first task assigned to competitors. 

“I need your help. What I’m doing here is in the same concept as the video competition, but it’s an app. I need to have people download it and connect with me, by searching Arctic Stick,” he explained. The mobile app is free, and can be downloaded in just a few seconds. The contestant with the most connections by Jan. 31 will win the first task. 

“For the business world, you’re going to want to have this app,” Adams said. “It brings all social networking and all business people together.” He describes My People App as a combination of Linked-In, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter rolled into one easily accessible site for business people. 

“The winner will be on a radio show out of Des Moines that covers this area,” said a determined Adams. “I need to win this.” The radio show in question is Goertz’s own, called “Hey Tana! Time.” It’s broadcasted on KXnO 1460 AM on Thursday evenings from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m., and is sponsored by My People App.

“If you win task one, you have an advantage with the second task,” said Adams. He believes the next task will be fundraising. With each new connection, Adams increases a fundraising and networking base for Arctic Stick. He plans to go door to door with a tablet, asking people to sign up and connect with him. 

Overall, says Adams, “I don’t care about the money – a trip anywhere in the world, a full apple product office, a year lease of a Mercedes. What this competition really does is set you up. If I win this competition, it’s going to get me to my end goal, to get my product on the market across the nation. If I win this competition, everything will open up. There are people from every industry here. If I win this, it sets me for life.” 

To help Adams finish the first task, visit his website,, and click ‘Connect With Us!’ Download the app for your mobile phone and choose to connect with Arctic Stick publicly. The final winner of My People App-rentice: Des Moines will be announced on March 8.

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