Marquette discusses riverfront shelter, sidewalk and parking lot additions

The proposed shelter will be hexagonally shaped and hunter or forest green in color.


By Audrey Posten, North Iowa Times Editor


The Marquette City Council considered plans and suggestions from the dock commission for a riverfront shelter, as well as parking lot and sidewalk additions, at its Jan. 14 meeting. The 24-foot by 30-foot proposed shelter would be hexagonally shaped and built to allow water to flow through it. Custom metal backing between tiers, along with custom framed metal screens, would prevent birds from nesting. The color would be a hunter or forest green. An initial cost estimate came in at $41,663.


“The dock commission wants something to stand out that looks nice. That’s why they chose that one,” said Mayor Norma Mason, who explained that installing a new shelter along the riverfront has been on a number of peoples’ minds for years.


In addition to the shelter, the riverfront area will also get more parking and sidewalk. The extension of the parking lot’s south end will be 22 by 60 feet, enough space for five more vehicles without trailers. New sidewalks would connect the existing sidewalks, as well as the sidewalk to the shelter. The shelter floor will extend six feet around the edge of the shelter. A preliminary estimate for the cost of the concrete was a little over $27,000.


“We’re not taking trees out,” City Manager Dean Hilgerson explained. “The extension doesn’t lose green space. It enhances the use.”


The council expressed support for the project, but requested that the city get more bids, especially on the concrete, before making a decision. The Action Club had also expressed interest in contributing to the shelter, but Mary Jo Pirc said the group was still undecided as to how much it would be willing to contribute.


Fourth of July

Hilgerson said the city had tried to work out a solution with the Iowa Department of Transportation to allow the city’s Fourth of July parade route to extend to Anti-Monopoly and Brown Streets, but that the bid was unsuccessful. The route will likely travel up North Street and back down Edgar Street, as it did two years ago. Hilgerson said the Legion, which puts on the event, has also been encouraged to develop some activities for the park so that the kids can enjoy a carnival atmosphere.


New streetlights

The council also discussed installing streetlights along the river side of the street between the Hwy. 18 on/off ramp and the casino. One option is to purchase five decorative streetlights to match the rest of the city’s lights. Hilgerson also suggested that the city consider purchasing, from the casino, seven lights that once lit the way to the old hotel, which would be cheaper. The issue will be brought up again at a future meeting.

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