MFL MarMac considers homelessness, families in need


By Audrey Posten, North Iowa Times Editor


The Jan. 13 MFL MarMac School Board meeting included a discussion about homelessness in the area.


“We don’t have people living under the bridge in Marquette or anything,” Superintendent Dale Crozier said.


However, he said there are cases where a student does not have a defined home and ends up living with a friend.


“We’ve had some of that, so we need to do a better job of keeping an eye on that,” Crozier said.


The discussion was prompted after an Angels Helping Angels Project held before Christmas distributed food and winter clothing to district kids.


The organizers originally thought the campaign would help 10 kids, but over 100 received support.


“It really opened my eyes to what we could be doing,” Crozier said.


For the project, Elementary Principal Kathy Koether said rather than have school staff determine which items should go where, families received a wish list and were able to self select. Koether was also overwhelmed by the amount of support and donations.


“There were lots of packages and lots of grateful people,” she said. “It just warms your heart to see that.”


Koether said the project has given her cause to look at the school’s snack pack list. These snack packs are made up by community church ladies, then sent home with some kids on the weekends. The program currently serves 30 students, but Koether said there is a need for up to 50.


“After looking at Angels, I just feel it needs to be expanded,” she said.

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