Frigid temps cause water burst

PdC firemen work to squeegee water from inside the Dousman House.

Jerry Jones squeegeed standing water out the front door of the Dousman House in Prairie du Chien Tuesday afternoon, following a sprinkler system burst. Just before 4 p.m. Tuesday, the Prairie du Chien Fire Department was called to the vacant facility, where the freezing cold temperatures had caused the sprinkler system to rupture through the ceiling in the bar room. Spraying water covered the wood flooring, but about a dozen firemen worked diligently to move furniture out of the room before it could be damaged. According to Kyle Kozelka, an employee of owner Blair Dillman’s, dehumidifiers and fans were being brought in to further remove the moisture from the flooring. He said he was thankful there was only minor damage. This was the second occurrence of a sprinkler system burst in PdC on Tuesday. The first occurred at the condos on South Wacouta Avenue. (Photo by Correne Martin)

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