Guttenberg hospital eyes affiliation with Finley


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Guttenberg Municipal Hospital

UnityPoint Health - Finley Hospital (Finley) and Guttenberg Municipal Hospital (GMH) announced Friday, Dec. 20, that they have agreed to enter into discussions to consider a future alignment in which UnityPoint Health would recognize GMH as an affiliate hospital under Finley Tri-states Health Group. 

As GMH is a municipal hospital, this process may take several months while it is reviewed by applicable governmental authorities. 

The announcement marks a substantial step toward creating a strategic relationship for health care in the northeast Iowa region.  The potential for Finley and GMH to develop their population health and care coordination capabilities with greater efficiencies would be a positive community development. By combining operations, UnityPoint Health – Finley Hospital and GMH can further develop a value-based way of delivering health care services. The elements of this modern, patient-centered delivery system include improving care coordination, expanding access to care and sharing best practices to improve quality and efficiency. 

GMH’s Board of Trustees approved a proposal to enter into discussions that will be used to determine the feasibility and benefits resulting from a closer affiliation.  It is expected that this phase will take several weeks to complete and that community education will occur during this period. 

“GMH has a history of providing quality care and services in the Guttenberg area,” stated Kim Gau, Administrator of GMH. “The strengths, both individual and shared, of our two organizations create exciting opportunities to successfully navigate the changing healthcare landscape. Although there are many questions to be answered, I believe a closer affiliation will serve to sustain Guttenberg’s local hospital and health care delivery system.” Gau shared.  “Working together will position us to improve access, value and quality care throughout the northeast Iowa region.”  

“Like GMH, UnityPoint Health has a culture of patient-focused care and believes that hospitals should operate to the betterment of their community,” said David Brandon, President and CEO of Finley. “In a closer affiliation, UnityPoint Health – Finley Hospital can provide resources to GMH in addition to supporting and enhancing the services provided to the community. We have a 15-year outstanding partnership with GMH to build upon as we move forward with our discussions.”

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