Lighting up the neighborhood

The Mullarkey home at 628 Ann St., in McGregor (Photo by Audrey Posten)


By Audrey Posten, North Iowa Times Editor


The Mullarkey family has lived at 628 Ann St., in McGregor, for 33 years. Each year, their Christmas light display has grown. Featuring icicle lights strewn from tree to tree across the yard and a congregation of dozens of plastic snowmen, Santas and candy canes, it could rival even Clark Griswold’s home. (Just without the power outages and upset neighbors.)


Julie said she and her husband, Pat, got married in November. Each year they gift one another with Christmas decorations, thus expanding their collection every year. That’s how the whole display got started. Pat is also an electrician, so it seemed like a natural fit to go all out for the holiday season.


In order to get all of the decorations put up, Julie said it takes several people one week. The decorations you see up this year aren’t even all the Mullarkeys have to offer. Due to the cold weather, not everything made it into the yard.


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