Prairie du Chien serviceman helps purify water in Philippines

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Marine Kyle Hedeman (second from left), a Prairie du Chien native, is pictured with a couple of his fellow Marines as well as a member of the Philippine military (far left).

Kyle A. Hedeman, a 2011 graduate from Prairie High School, joined the Marine Corps in Sept. of 2012. He left for Boot Camp in Jan. of 2013 and graduated on April 5 at Camp Pendleton in San Diego, Calif. After finishing MCT back in San Diego, he was then sent to Camp Lejeune, in Jacksonville, N.C., where he graduated from his MOS training as a hygiene equipment operator.

Upon returning home in October of 2013 for a short five-day leave, he was sent to Okinawa, Japan, where he will be stationed for two years. While in Okinawa, he is assigned to the 9th Expeditionary Support Battalion (ESB) Unit, where he will be a part of many deployments as needed.

Recently, he served on a humanitarian deployment to the Philippines to serve the people suffering from the devastating typhoon. There, he employed his skills to purify water and help the people of the Philippines drink and use clean and safe water once again.

In a recent report back to his mom, Jamie Wagar, of Prairie du Chien, Kyle shared his perspective of the ruins in the Philippines. He said, “Everything is completely destroyed.” In a short description of his work, he said it was “good, but tough, an experience I will never forget.”

Like the many other military families in the area, Kyle’s family and friends are proud of his endeavors. They encourage other families whose loved ones are serving in the Armed Forces to share with the community about their service accomplishments also.

“We need more stories like these to be told,” Wagar said.

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