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Food Pantry
Assistant Food Coordinator Karen Redman stands next to some of the items currently stored in the Food Pantry.


Generous donations to Food Pantry, 

CouleeCap create need for more volunteers

By Ted Pennekamp


The Prairie du Chien Food Pantry has gotten a big boost in the month of November and is now at about 50 percent capacity as Christmas approaches. 

“It looks good,” said Assistant Food Coordinator Karen Redman. “We had virtually nothing at the beginning of November.” 

Redman said that various area organizations and churches have donated quite well recently, and she mentioned a few. “St. Peter’s of Prairie du Chien, the Wauzeka Methodist Church, and Dental Associates have been huge,” said Redman. Redman also noted that the Bluff Country Long Spurs donated turkeys for Thanksgiving, all of which went to very appreciative families.

“We have been serving more than ever before,” said Redman regarding the Food Pantry. “But, there is more of a need.” 

One thing that the Food Pantry is lacking at the moment is meat. Redman pointed out that there are numerous canned goods and other items such as tuna and peanut butter, but no meat. The Food Pantry has freezers and refrigerators for meat and other perishable foods. 

Deer hunters wishing to donate venison can get their deer processed at the Eastman Locker and have it sent to the Food Pantry, Redman said. 

In addition to the recent surge at the Food Pantry, Redman said that donations to the CouleeCap store have been great all year long. 

“Our storage rooms are very packed. They’re as packed as they’ve ever been,” said a smiling Redman, who noted that normally there are some slow periods during any given year. “The donations haven’t died down at all this year.”

With all storage rooms nearly filled to the ceiling, a new problem has arisen this season. “We need more volunteers to get it all out and into the store,” said Redman, who noted that all sales from the store go towards purchasing items for the Food Pantry such as milk, butter and eggs to name a few.

“Everyone has been very generous, and we are appreciative of all donations, but we also really need volunteers to get it out,” Redman said. 

For those wishing to volunteer or to donate, CouleeCap and the Food Pantry are located next to City Hall. The address is 200 E. Blackhawk Ave. The phone number is 326-2463. The CouleeCap store is open from Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The Food Pantry is open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Redman said that donations can include monetary donations, gift certificates, numerous kinds of material items, clothing, and food.

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