Fishy problem


City Council to 

tackle fishy problem

By Ted Pennekamp


At its Dec. 3 meeting, the Prairie du Chien City Council will be voting on an ordinance involving people dumping their garbage into city dumpsters. The proposed ordinance came about because of people putting their fish guts into dumpsters at the city’s various boat landings. The problem and the ordinance were discussed at length during the Park Board meeting on Nov. 20.   

“This has been a problem for a number of years,” said City Administrator Aaron Kramer. “People shouldn’t be dumping their garbage into city dumpsters or into other people’s dumpsters.”

Kramer said that there has also been a problem with people dumping their garbage on the compost pile on Vineyard Coulee Road. “It is not a landfill,” he said.

Kramer said that if a person is caught putting their garbage into city dumpsters or other people’s dumpsters, they could be fined up to $500 under the proposed ordinance. A new element to the proposed ordinance is that a reward of up to $250 will be paid by the city to persons who turn in those who break the ordinance. Kramer said that the reward element is similar to that of Crimestoppers.

Kramer said that he looked at an ordinance enacted by the city of Kenai, Alaska, which had a large problem with people illegally dumping fish guts.

The city of Prairie du Chien has also looked into the possibility of having fish cleaning stations at the city’s boat landings. Fish cleaning stations were deemed too expensive, however, with the least expensive having a price tag of about $20,000 including such expenses as running water and holding tanks. It is against state law to throw fish guts back into the river.

On Dec. 3, the City Council may vote to reject the proposed ordinance entirely, approve it in its entirety, or approve part of it.

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