SMRT Bus Service


SMRT Bus Service has been running 

for almost one year

The Scenic Mississippi Regional Transit (SMRT) Bus Service has been running for almost a year now, so it’s time for an update to let current and potential riders know about changes to the service. 

The city is applying to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation for a grant in the amount of $311,310 under the Supplemental Transportation Rural Assistance Program. The funds would be used to continue the SMRT Bus Service, with three routes—each route running multiple times per day five days per week. The program serves commuters, elderly/disabled residents, the general population, and tourism related travel with service to the cities of Prairie du Chien, Viroqua, and La Crosse and all municipalities along the major highway routes. Following a public hearing at Tuesday night’s Prairie du Chien Common Council meeting, the council unanimously approved the application.

The SMRT Bus Service on Nov. 18 updated its Red Route with all new times. A chart of the new Red Route is on page ? 

SMRT has also opened up its ridership to help out Western Technical College students and faculty. WTC students and faculty with a valid WTC ID can ride the SMRT Bus for free. The bus drivers will log WTC ridership. WTC students and faculty can go anywhere using the SMRT Bus. It is not just limited to going to classes or work.

The SMRT Bus service began on Dec. 3, 2012. Area businesses, local units of government, and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation are contributing to provide inexpensive public bus transportation for Southwest Wisconsin citizens.

Each time a person boards the bus, they pay only $3 (cash) one way no matter how far they ride. The drivers will not be making change, so customers should have correct payment ready.

If anyone has questions about the routes, they can call toll free: 877-444-6543.

SMRT is operating three routes with buses running Monday-Friday. Buses are handicapped accessible with bike carriers.

Other SMRT Bus features include:

Discount punch cards

$30 value punch cards for $25

$60 value punch cards for $50

New monthly passes valued at $80

Punch cards are non-refundable.

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