MFL MarMac is ready for five-year visit


By Audrey Posten, North Iowa Times Editor


After a review of, and just a few tweaks to, the district’s plans and policies, Superintendent Dale Crozier said MFL MarMac is ready for its five-year visit from the Iowa Department of Education.


The school board has reviewed the district’s multicultural and affirmative action plans, as well as the Section 504 plan, which allows parents to request special accommodations for a student who does not need special education, but needs extra help. Crozier said there are currently three students with such a plan, and that it is for health-related reasons. The district’s global education, infrastructure and accessibility plans were reviewed as well.


Crozier also went over changes to the board policy. Because the policy was revised in both 2003 and 2008, he said very little was changed. Some of the changes included adding socioeconomic class to one of the “protected classes,” as well as reworking the bidding requirements to say that projects up to $50,000 do not have to be bid.


Crozier also discussed the different inservices staff have taken. Those include, but are not limited to, affirmative action, multiculturalism, bullying, special education, school to work, Level 1 investigation of incidents, bus driver training, child abuse, blood born pathogens, training for paraprofessionals and medication distribution.


“Maybe I’m overdoing it,” Crozier said, “but my idea was that the board needed to see and approve all of these. I’d rather have you see them. Here they are, you’ve got them, if there are any questions.”


Parent teacher conferences

Elementary Principal Kathy Koether and Middle and High School Principal Josh Mallicoat said parent teacher conferences were well attended this year. 


At the elementary level, Koether said 93 percent of parents or guardians attended. Since then, there have been additional meetings, so teachers have met with almost 100 percent.


At the McGregor Center, Mallicoat said attendance at conferences was up 10 percent, to 76 percent. He had no data for the high school, but said there was more activity there as well.

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