Minor setback in field improvement

caterpillar stuck

A construction crew from C.J. Moyna and Sons, of Elkader, has been working this week to fill in a field on Gale Beneker’s property across from Walmart in Bridgeport township. They have been using earth from an adjacent hill to fill the field. This excavator was in the process of removing the top soil so fill could be brought in, when it became stuck and sunk into the soil. According to Beneker, the project’s goal is to eliminate the recurring issue of standing water in the field, which is currently being used for agricultural purposes. Archeological digs were performed in the area this summer, with no significant findings. Also, no business development is planned at this time; however, Beneker wouldn’t rule out future possibilities for his property. “Who knows what could happen,” he stated. (Photo by Gary Howe)

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