MFL MarMac celebrates Red Ribbon Week

MFL MarMac Middle School participated in Red Ribbon Week last week. Throughout the week, students learned about the effects of drugs and alcohol, as well as bullying, and participated in drawing/essay/poetry contests and dress-up days. These students participated in Neon Day: “Too Bright for Drugs.” All students who dressed up entered a raffle and two names were drawn for each grade. Those students won Red Ribbon-themed prizes.

On Friday, students and staff participated in a one-mile Red Ribbon Run. Here, students-decked out in red for Red Ribbon Week-head to Turner Park for the one-mile Red Ribbon Run.

The girls raced first.

After completing the run, participants received stickers.

The boys began their run after the girls were finished.

One runner lost a shoe.

Some staff members also participated in the Red Ribbon Run.

Other students cheer on the runners as they cross the finish line.

Following the run, students also enjoyed a staff versus 8th graders basketball game.


6th Grade Top Six Essays from Mrs. Jones's Language Arts Classes


Drug Abuse and Alcoholism by Brinan Berger

Many people don’t know, drugs that people smoke leave particles in the lungs that can eventually cause cancer and health problems. People who smoke can have bad breath, rotting teeth, and bad lungs. When parents smoke, they can give their child second hand smoke. Second hand smoke can kill the child as well as the parent. Some people smoke, do drugs, or drink alcohol to escape their problems. After the drugs or alcohol wear off, they find it only made their problems worse. Tobacco is a legal drug for adults to use. Alcohol is also legal. They can become very addictive, they are the most common legal drug to use. Some teens think it is cool to drink alcohol or do drugs because their friends do it. Well it’s not!


Drugs can ruin your life. Many people that are on a sports team, get bad grades and are kicked off the team. After bad grades, they don’t graduate high school and they drop out of school. A lot of those people end up on jail. Teens caught breaking a drug law can serve time in prison, even if it was their first crime. One kind of illegal drug that some teens abuse is called anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids make you stronger. They use anabolic steroids to make them perform better too. Most teens use these drugs to get away from their problems and feelings.


Some teens don’t achieve their dreams because of drugs. Teens who do drugs can get addicted. When a teen gets addicted to a drug, their body gets used to it. They might have trouble focusing at school, at home, or anywhere in public. They can also become depended on the drug, that means they think they need the drug. During the Civil War, soldiers became addicted to morphine and opium, those were painkillers during the war. Opium abuse became a problem with the United States after the war. Another highly addictive drug was laudanum. Laudanum is a mixture of alcohol and opium. Laudanum was used to ease pain, soothe frayed nerves, and induce sleep. Laudanum was popular in the United States and Europe. 


People who do drugs may not be successful. Some people who do drugs might not have a lot of money or they might live on the street. They might have been in jail because of drugs. Some people don’t know it is against the law to make, sell, or use illegal drugs. Drugs are often made by people who don’t know about chemicals. Drugs can harm people’s lives in many ways. One drug that can harm you is cocaine. Cocaine speeds up your heart and can cause a heart attack. Cocaine is a strong drug. Some overdoses are caused by an illegal drug that is too strong. 


Drugs are NOT cool! Some drugs help us like medicine, but some can kill you. Drugs can make you unsuccessful, unhealthy, and ruin your dreams. All drugs have the potential to be dangerous. Some people risk their whole lives, their future and health, to try drugs. Some people stay away from drugs so they don’t have to worry about doing them again. Nobody knows what in in drugs that people get off the street. Find out as much about drugs as you can before you take the risk. Here is my advice, be smart, don’t start! 




Be Smart, Don’t Do Drugs by RoseMary McGeough

Many ordinary people don’t know that about 570,000 teenagers occasionally die from dangerous drugs each year. That’s a lot! Red Ribbon Week is the oldest and largest drug prevention campaign in the country. It usually takes place on the last week of October. Red Ribbon Week is based on a man named "Kiki" Camarena. He was sent to a place in Mexico to carefully check on adults that were suspected to be selling drugs. When he went to investigate they tortured and beat him hurtfully. People found him a month later in a shallow grave. Red Ribbon Week celebrates how “Kiki” sacrificed his life. Some adults say that teenagers drink and do drugs just to be cool. Many others don’t agree. 


Drugs can ruin older kid’s big dreams and goals. For example, some athletes take anabolic steroids to boost their strength. It actually will change their moods’ and feelings’. Some athletes could become very sleepy and tired all the time. It also stunts the body’s growth. A person could get cancer from steroids also. Vin Baker was selected by the Milwaukee Bucks in the f1993 NBA Draft. Vin’s first five seasons in the league were good. He made the All-Rookie team his first year. Finally Baker said that he had been drinking a lot lately. His weight went up to 300 pounds. Alcohol ruined his dreams and goals.


Horrible drugs harm your body and health. When kids use drugs, they put themselves in danger. Drugs can change the way cells work in a person’s body. When teenagers smoke they bring tons of bad chemicals in their body’s. Smoking can increase a person’s risk for asthma, heart disease, coughing, sore throats, sniffling, bad sneezing, and cancer.  People could also die from smoking. Sometimes people use drugs because they think it will solve all their horrible problems. It actually makes them way worse.  


Drugs make a big impact on a regular person’s brain. They will stop the brain from growing. It stops messages from getting into a brain. Drugs will fool people’s minds into wanting more of the bad drug. A person could start to imagine things that aren’t true. Sometimes people use drugs because they think it will solve all their problems. It actually makes them way worse.


Do people think kids just do drugs to be popular? So all those things are great reasons not to do drugs.  Anyone could ruin their dreams and goals. People should make a promise to never do drugs and to be a role model. Teenagers shouldn’t be someone their peers hate to be around because of their breath or how they look. If anyone asks kids to try a drug or to drink alcohol, they should say no. Try to convince kids and adults not to do them. Be smart, don’t do drugs!




The Effects of Drugs and Alcohol by Eli Johnson

More than 8.5 million people die from tobacco and alcohol use each year worldwide, so why take the risk of using them carelessly? They can hurt the user and everyone around them. So why do people take drugs and alcohol? What are their effects? How can they destroy people’s dreams? How will they harm my body? Drugs and alcohol will ruin people’s lives and dreams. Drugs and alcohol are just the things people don’t need. 


Drugs and alcohol have the ability to damage nearly every organ in the body. Drugs and alcohol affect everyone differently. Research shows that alcohol causes memory loss, and damage to organs like the brain, liver, heart, and stomach. It can also cause the breakdown of tissue and the inability to get along with others. These are only some of many side effects of drugs and alcohol. Drugs and alcohol, if used incorrectly, can even result in death. Why do people take drugs and/or alcohol with all the risk involved? 


People are sometimes prescribed drugs by their doctors as medicine. That’s okay as long as they’re not misusing them. Many people take drugs and alcohol to calm down or relax, to rebel, or just see what it’s like. These people are not taking drugs as medicine. They are just using drugs to make them feel better about themselves, be ‘cooler’, or have fun. They are doing the exact opposite. They are just hurting themselves.

Alcohol can cause many bad behaviors in the person using them. They can cause people to get bad grades in school, or cause an accident. Research on a college campus shows that alcohol is involved in 50 percent of all injuries, 65 percent of all violent actions, and 30 percent of all academic problems. Who would want to be around someone on drugs or alcohol if they were acting like that? Drugs and alcohol decrease reaction time, making it more likely for someone that is under their influence to cause an accident. Over 50 percent of car accidents are caused by drunk drivers. That’s too big to ignore. 


Drugs and alcohol will ruin users’ lives, and could even kill them. Many people think, “That could never happen to me,”but it can. Drugs and alcohol will harm their body, their mind, and prevent them from fulfilling their dreams. Drugs and alcohol can only harm the user and the people around them. Drugs and alcohol cause more harm than good. Being drug- and alcohol-free changes people’s lives for the better.  




Together We Can Be Drug Free and Prevent Bullying by Destiny Berns

Red Ribbon Week started with Kiki Camarena because he was murdered by drug traffickers. Kiki Camarena was trying to find marijuana and cocaine drug traffickers. One day he was going to have lunch with his wife, when five men took him into their beige volkswagen. They made Kiki suffer horribly until he died. His wife and three children were very sad. His family didn’t want him to be a special agent, but he said "Even if I'm only one person, I can make a difference." Then people wanted to do something because Kiki died from drug traffickers. After that Red Ribbon Week started in 1985. Then more people found out and  Red Ribbon Week spread out. Honor Red Ribbon Week and stay drug free.


Most people think about heroin, marijuana, cocaine, and more, but they don’t know that almost 3 million Americans abuse drugs that they think are safe like prescription drugs. One out of four teens have used a prescription drug more than told at least once. That means that teens use more prescription drugs than illegal drugs. Prescription drug abuse has increased by 33 percent from 2008 to 2012.  Prescription drugs are prescribed from a doctor, so people think that they are safe. They are only safe if you don't overuse them. Using prescription drugs when they aren't needed is illegal. There can be treatment to stop addiction, but it could be long and hard. Sixty percent of patients that do drug treatment were using drugs when they were twenty years old or younger.


A girl named Amanda Todd killed herself in October 2012, because she was being cyberbullied. Most teens who are bullied are bullied by someone they know. Sometimes cyberbullies post something mean online and don’t realize that its hard to undo. Amanda Todd was being threatened and blackmailed. Amanda moved to different schools, but the bully followed her online. Then in October 2012 she committed suicide. Most cyberbullies create an account of the person they are bullying. Usually teens who are being bullied are to scared to tell. If they don’t tell it will probably get worse.


Doing drugs is not cool, even if your friends do drugs. When your friends do something and you're not sure what to do thats called peer pressure. Most teens will do lots of things to fit in. If your friends went to a party with drinking, you would have to make the right decision and be drug free. You shouldn’t choose to drink,  but if you feel tempted you should find friends who don't want to do drugs either. Some teens think its the new coolest thing and that other people should do drugs with them. Most people that do drugs start at an early age. Once someone does drugs they will have to take larger doses to get the same feeling they had the first time. Then it can become addiction.


Stay away from drugs so you can live a drug free life! If you are at school or anywhere, help someone who is being bullied. Don’t just watch someone be bullied, help them and stand up to the bully.  Every day about 3,000 teens start smoking. Drugs aren’t cool so don’t do them if your friends do them, say no to drugs and be drug free! Don’t overuse prescription drugs either, because thats just as bad. Be drug free so you can accomplish your dreams and goals!




Do P.E.D.S Really Work? by Ethan Stubbs

According to the March Issue of American Journal of Physical Medicine and rehabilitation, more than 9% of 2,552 former players have committed to using steroids in their pro careers. Some common side effects of steroids are, bad judgement, mood swings, manic behaviors, insomnia, and irritability.  Most teenagers use steroids to bulk up but unfortunately it can cause stunted growth, liver damage, a increased risk of stroke,  kidney failure or impairment. Steroids are drugs, and drugs are addicting which can lead to depression,  which makes a lack of physical and social drive. Anabolic steroids can be prescribed by a doctor because of delayed puberty or cancer. Most people don’t know but anabolic steroids have actually been declining in the past decade by teenagers. In 2005 only 4% of high school seniors admitted to using steroids. Only 1.8% of them experimented with them in 2012. DRUGS WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE!

Most people did not know that tobacco itself is the second most cause of death in the World. Tobacco itself kills 5 million people worldwide each year.  Drugs can affect these parts of your brain, brain stem, spinal cord, midbrain, occipital etc. Smokers are at an increased risk of cancer. Steroids have shown to create severe acne, bad breath, and baldness. Most people also didn’t know this but drugs and alcohol are diagnosed as a chronic brain disease. Steroids have shown to increase facial hair on women. They also can increase breast growth in men.


People will get caught if  they use illegal drugs. Drug testing in the NCAA started in 1986 because that is when championships started occurring. It then expanded year round in division 1 and 2. Today 90% of division 1 schools have started drug testing, 65% of division 2, and 21% of division 3 schools have their own drug testing system. Some people didn’t know but baseball is the most scrutinized sport for drug and alcohol use. Drug testing in the MLB although started in 1998 during a home run derby involving Mark Mcgwire and Sammy Sosa. Some of the consequences in the MLB are, first compliance you will get suspended for 15-25 games or a $10,000 fine. The second time you get caught you will serve a 25-50 game suspension or a $25,000 fine. The third time you can miss a 50-75 game suspension or a $50,000 fine. The fourth, a one year suspension with a $100,000 fine. If you test positive the first time it is a 50 game suspension, second time 100 game suspension, and the third time it is a lifetime ban.


Drugs will interfere with your athletic career. Shawne Merriman was a Seattle Seahawk that had 39.5 sacks in his first 43 NFL games. He has 189 tackles and was selected the rookie of the year in 2005. Since then he has been selected to play in 3 pro bowls, but on October 22 2006, Merriman was given a 4 game suspension for anabolic steroid use. After that the NFL has not allowed anyone that tested positive with illegal drug use or steroids to play in the pro bowl. Dwane Bowe was a wide receiver for the Kansas City chiefs and was starting to become one of their air attacks until he got caught with steroid use. He was out from week 11-14 in 2009 he didn’t catch a touchdown pass since week 7. Ben Johnson was a Canadian sprinter that  shattered the record for 100 meter distance and won the gold medal in the Seoul Olympics on September 24, 1988. He ran it in whopping time of 9.79 seconds. A few months after he won the gold medal he was surprisingly stripped from the gold medal  for testing positive for the use of stanozolol which is a banned steroid. Roger Clemens also was banned for the use of steroids but says he never used any in his 24 year career with the Red socks, Blue jays, and Astros. Rafael Palmeiro was charged for using an illegal drug called stanozolol on March 17, 2005. He was suspended for 10 games in 2005.


Drugs ruin peoples  life, sports career, and most important their health. Reading my report people learned that drugs will ruin their hopes and dreams. It also says that if someone happens to use drugs and alcohol it will ruin your life.  Taking drugs far exceeds the benefits. The reason I will never do drugs or alcohol is because I love playing sports and shooting my bow. But if you use drugs or alcohol you won’t be able to do the things you love.





Drugs and Alcohol Harm your Brain and Body! by Spencer Larson

More teens die from prescription drugs than heroin/cocaine combined. Drugs affect people's ability to make good decisions. Athletes are affected by drugs too. Drugs harm people’s bodies, minds, and dreams. Marijuana is a really bad drug in America. People have to be a certain age to smoke and drink. If people get addicted to drugs, they can die, plus harm everything in their body. People that don't take drugs have a chance to live up to their dreams. Drugs will harm everyones dreams!


Drugs harm the brain. Abusing drugs can cause blood clots in the brain. Drug abuse can cause different types of mental and emotional problems. Some of those problems are depression, anxiety, and denial. Many drug abusers emerge from their teens and still feel like and think like a child.  They are unable to be independent or responsible. Drug abuse affects three different parts of the brain which are the brainstem, the limbic system, and the cerebral cortex. The cerebral cortex is responsible for functions such as thinking, reasoning, and planning.


Drugs harm the whole body. Drugs can change the way a person’s body works. Drugs harm cells inside the body. If people smoke marijuana it will damage the lungs and may give people heart disease. Drug abuse can permanently damage a person’s heart and liver. Alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs can slow the reaction time and weaken the control of our muscles. Some drugs can affect people’s physical coordination. Inside the body some drugs will harm movements that people make.


Illegal drugs and drug abuse will have negative effects on people. People take drugs to act cool, but ignore the harmful side effects. People will become addicted or they can’t stop, but want to. People who take drugs can be sick or even die. If people take drugs and get drunk they aren't supposed to operate machinery, but some do. Painkillers sometimes cause an irregular heartbeat and respiratory failure. Some people take drugs to make their problems go away, but they make more problems for them. If people smoke one 

cigarette they can lose 11 minutes of their life.


Drugs will make peoples lives worse! Drugs will harm everything in our body. People will take drugs to have fun, not understanding what they can do to them. Don’t take drugs, because they can be really bad for everyone. If people take drugs they might have the chance to die. If people get caught taking illegal drugs, or have them in their possession, they can go to jail. Drugs will do a lot of harmful things to us. If we all would take drugs just think how bad the world would be.






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