Depot Museum had nearly 4,000 visitors this year

Marquette Depot Museum and Information Center visitors


By Audrey Posten


Marquette’s Depot Museum and Information Center had 3,997 visitors this year, from May 1 through Oct. 28, an increase of over 600 visitors from last year. Compared to last year’s numbers, attendance increased each month except in June, which saw high river levels and poor weather. 


According to Depot Administrative Assistant Deidre Vick-Froehlich, who keeps track of the Depot’s visitors, people came from all over—41 states and 18 countries—including India, China, Australia, Columbia, France, Norway and the Philippines. 


“I think people are realizing what a unique area this is,” Vick-Froehlich said. “Between the two towns [Marquette and McGregor], there’s so much to do—hiking, hunting, kayaking, fishing. Marquette is Iowa’s best kept secret, so I tell people ‘shhh’ when they come in.”


Some people come because of the railroad museum or to see some of the items they’ve donated to the museum. Others are interested in learning more information and history about the area.


“I have to keep brushing up on my history,” she said. “I’m always learning. It’s a two-way street because visitors impart their knowledge to me too.”


Vick-Froehlich said visitors are always staggered by the beauty of the area and tell her she is lucky to live here.


“I know what a great place it is,” she said, “but that really gives me a deeper appreciation.”

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