Jackson Street ditch area improved to alleviate future flooding problems

The Jackson Street Ditch is pictured before and after a recent month-long cleanup project executed by the Prairie du Chien Public Works Department, with assistance from the Crawford County Highway Department and donations from Pattison Sand and Prairie Sand and Gravel.

By Correne Martin

Prairie du Chien endured significant flood damage in late June and some of the worst water erosion, street flooding and muddy aftermath occurred on the east side of the city, thanks to debris blockage and runoff from property along Highway 27. After a month-long cleanup in the area of the Jackson Street ditch, public works employees completed the undertaking Oct. 10.

Improvements included widening and deepening the ditch, making the berms higher, removing 20-30 trees of various sizes that had the tendency to fall in the ditch, placing riprap and hydroseeding.

“In some areas, the ditch is 12 to 15 feet wider and two to three feet deeper,” Co-Public Works Manager Terry Meyer said. “The changes we made will help to contain a 100-year flood.”

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