Effigy Mounds-Yellow River Forest Bird Conservation Area named Globally Important Bird Area


Iowa Audubon, the National Audubon Society and BirdLife International announced that the Iowa Department of Natural Resources’ Effigy Mounds-Yellow River Forest Bird Conservation Area has been named a “Globally Important Bird Area.”


A major conservation landmark, this international recognition highlights the Iowa region’s key role in the global movement to study, protect and preserve at-risk birds.


The Important Bird Area Program is an international effort to designate sites critical to declining bird species for nesting or as stopovers for large concentrations of migrating birds. The highest honor for any Important Bird Area, or IBA, is to be named a Globally Important Bird Area, which entails meeting strict requirements backed by documentation of a site’s importance to imperiled birds. 


“We are honored that the Effigy Mounds-Yellow River Forest Bird Conservation Area has achieved this international recognition,” said Doug Harr, President of Iowa Audubon, a statewide organization based in Boone. “Through years of monitoring and protecting at-risk birds and habitats, we realize this site is invaluable regionally and in the context of interrelated worldwide conservation work. The Globally Important Bird Area designation benefits Iowa region birds, conservation advancement and our communities.”

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