Work continues on historic Alexander Hotel

If you've been in McGregor this summer and fall, you have probably noticed the facade work being done on the Alexander Hotel. (Photos by Lucy Rodenberg)

Last week, windows were installed on the upper levels.

The project is being done by Ken and Al Anderson, as well as their helper, Dirk Spier, who is visiting McGregor from Florida.

Current owner Luis Maguina bought the hotel in 2006 and plans to continue work on the building's facade.

The hotel was originally named the Lewis Hotel, as it was built for Charles I. Lewis.

It was designed by architect Hugo Schick of Schick and Roth of LaCrosse. Schick was one of the best known architects of the northwest.

The hotel's foundation was laid in 1899 and was built by John Moss at as cost of $521,000, with an additional $4,000-$5,000 for its furnishings.

In 1899, McGregor had nine other hotels and several homes that provided room and board to the settlers heading west.

The hotel had 30 rooms, with a dining room named the "Lotus Dining Room" after the many water lilies found along the Mississippi River.

The Alexander Hotel has had several owners throughout its lifetime. From 1899-1902, it was known as the Lewis Hotel. In 1903, it became known as the Pocket City Hotel, a name it kept until 1913.

A Mr. Zimmerman purchased the hotel in 1914, and yet another change came in 1930 when it became the Scenic Hotel.

By 1986, the building had several apartments and 14 rooms. It became the Alexander Hotel in 1987, in honor of McGregor founder Alexander MacGregor. Between then and 2006, the hotel went through a number of changes and owners.

Now it features Latinos Mexican Restaurant, which specializes in Mexican and Peruvian foods, as well as American classics like burgers and fries.
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