Equitability is the goal of Clayton County Assessor's office

Clayton County Assessor Andy Loan, left, works closely with Deputy Assessor Darren Matthew. Not pictured are Linda Werger, office manager/GIS; Jill Bries, deeds clerk; and Kim Vorwald, computer clerk. The office can be reached by phone at 245-2533, or email at aloan@claytoncountyia.gov. (Press photo by Molly Moser)


By Molly Moser

“We want to work with property owners, not against them. Our goal is to make assessments fair and equitable,” says Clayton County Assessor Andy Loan. As the county assessor, he is tasked with the responsibility of assessing approximately 29,000 parcels of residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural property in Clayton County every other year, and the ongoing fieldwork that requires.

Assessors are appointed for six-year terms by the Conference Board, which includes members from each school district living within the county, mayors from each town, and the three County Supervisors. Loan was appointed in 2010 after serving as deputy assessor to Larry Hauser. 

He grew up on a farm outside of Iowa City, and attended Iowa State University, where he studied Agronomy and Agricultural Studies. His agricultural background, combined with his expertise in GIS (Geographic Information System, which is part cartography, part statistical analysis, part computer science) made him a good fit for the Clayton County Assessor position. Loan and his wife, Holly, who is originally from Garber, now reside in Elkader with their four children.

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