Collect Green Bay Packers cards and you could win a meal from Culver’s

Local Culver’s franchise owner Jason Cathman (left) and Prairie du Chien Police Chief Chad Abram show off the 10,000 Green Bay Packers trading cards police officers will be handing out for good deeds and safe actions in the coming months. Those collecting all 20 in a set can redeem the set at the PdC Culver’s for one free Value Basket and a Flavor of the Day per person. (Photo by Correne Martin)

By Correne Martin

The Prairie du Chien Police Department and the Prairie du Chien Culver’s franchise have partnered up to offer the 2013 Green Bay Packers Crime Card program. Area community members have the opportunity to collect a set of 20 Packers trading cards and then show them for a free value basket and dish of the day’s custard at the local Culver’s (one time per person). But the catch is that the cards will be handed out to kids and adults by PdC police officers for displays of safety, good behavior, sportsmanship, community spirit, etc. If someone goes above and beyond and the police department learns of their deserving deed, an entire set of 20 cards may be awarded.

The police department has 500 sets, or 10,000 cards, to hand out and the program will run through February of 2014, when Culver’s will stop accepting the cards.

“The officers will have the cards and they’ll hand one out for each good deed. It could be for someone who stops at a crosswalk, stays at the scene of an accident and directs traffic, shows good sportsmanship at a ball game, picks up garbage, or does something really nice in school,” Police Chief Chad Abram explained. “It could be a number of things. If someone goes above and beyond, we’ll award a whole set. And the local schools can call us if they see something they feel is deserving of being recognized.”

“Our goal is to promote safety to kids, as well as adults,” Culver’s Owner Jason Cathman said. “People are going to want to collect an entire set.”

“We did this a few years ago with Brewers cards and it was really popular. I think the Packers will be even more well-received,” added Abram, who happens to be a Minnesota Vikings fan.

Each Crime Card is numbered on the back with its order in the sequence of 20 so collectors can keep track. Eighteen key Green Bay players as well as Coach Mike McCarthy and General Manager Ted Thompson are featured on the front of the green and gold cards. Each card also includes player stats and an important safety tip on the back.

“My goal has always been for our citizens to trust their local police officers,” Abram said. “This builds those relationships between the police department and the community.”

“I think this is just a fun way for kids, and adults, to have some incentive to pay a little more attention to safety and being part of a community,” Cathman added.

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