Mistress gets 10 years in Wauzeka shooting

A Milwaukee woman who shot at her lover’s wife on property in the town of Wauzeka, received a 10-year prison sentence Friday in Crawford County Circuit Court.

Mary K. Janka, 36, was convicted on June 4 of two counts of first degree reckless endangering safety. Both counts carried a (use of a dangerous weapon) modifier.

On Oct. 3, 2012, Janka fired nine times at Jane Beutin, the wife of Tad Beutin. Janka met with Tad Beutin and his wife Jane Beutin at the couple’s vacation property in the town of Wauzeka.

Jane Beutin ordered Janka to leave but Janka removed a .22 caliber handgun from her trunk and fired at Jane Beutin. Janka then chased Jane Beutin while continuing to fire. A short time later, Janka fired five rounds through the door to the bathroom in which Jane Beutin was hiding.

Jane Beutin was not injured and Tad Beutin wrestled the gun away from Janka.

Janka’s attorney Amanda Tisdale requested a sentence of 18 months in prison and four years of extended supervision. District Attorney Tim Baxter requested a 10-year prison term, saying that Janka intended to kill Jane Beutin.

“When you take nine shots at somebody in Crawford County, you need to be punished. It’s as simple as that,” Baxter said.

Circuit Court Judge William Andrew Sharp sentenced Janka to 10 years in prison to be followed by four years of extended supervision.

Janka sobbed at times during the sentencing hearing. She said that when she heard that Tad Beutin, her lover of 3 1/2 years, wasn’t going to leave his wife and had also taken another mistress she lost it. Janka said that if Beutin wouldn’t have her, she was going to blow her brains out in front of him. Instead, Janka fired at Jane Beutin while yelling “Die, (expletive) die!” and chased Beutin across the property.

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