Cross-country has success at North Fayette

Central’s Abby Gifford, left, gets ready to return a volley as Morgan Jacobson looks on.

The Central cross-country team traveled to North Fayette to participate in a meet September 14. In the girls’ event, Central placed third in a field of 12 teams behind Cascade and North Fayette Valley. Out of 88 runners, Haley Schroeder placed fourth (16:29); Gabrielle Berns, 17th (17:16); and Kiana Stender placed 20th (17:19). All were medalists. Emily Asche was 27th (17:36); Carissa Moyna, 30th (17:42); Anna Tuecke, 50th (18:45); and Hannah Kuehl was 56th (19:05).

The boys’ event had 13 teams and 86 runners. Central placed sixth in the event. Medalists were Jacob Jansen, 12th (17:57), and Torre Curran, 24th (18:31). Trevor Moser placed 35th (19:01); Travis Prier, 46th (19:33); Hunter Bries, 53rd (20:05); Peyton Alexie, 59th (20:16); and Jacob Hauber placed 77th with a time of 21:26.

The JV girls took third place out of four participating teams. Ashley Funk was first in a field of 79 runners with a time of 17:12. Megan Nemechek placed 6th (18:23) and Megan Rocheleau placed 14th (19:19). All won ribbons. Grace Rodman was 46th (20:25); Katja Graner, 63rd (23:01); and Sandi Anderson was 69th (24:11).

There were not enough runners for a team score in the boys’ event.  Blake Rocheleau won a ribbon, finishing 23rd with a time of 20:52.  Sumner Smith placed 35th (22:04); Tom Shirbroun, 40th (22:45); and Marcus Siegwarth finished 59th (24:20). A total of 80 runners participated.

“The great weather made for some excellent races for the runners at this meet,” Coach Mark Bauder said. “Twenty-three of our 24 runners had their best time of the year so far and nine had their personal best for that course, Gabrielle Berns, Carissa Moyna, Hannah Kuehl, Torre Curran, Hunter Bries, Marcus Siegwarth, Jacob Jansen, Trevor Moser, and Tom Shirbroun.

“Team-wise, we competed very good. With the number of teams and no class separations, it is always a tough meet to come near the top three. The varsity girls did great to finish third and were actually first among 1A teams. The varsity boys were a very respectable sixth and were second in 1A. Ashley Funk had a very good race as she was the champion of the JV race. The JV girls were third overall and first among 1A teams.”

There were no official results for the junior High 1 ½ mile race, but the approximate finishes were: 5th, Ciera Deitchler (10:04); 17th, Deserai Weber (10:45); 20th, Ellie Kuehl (10:57); 21st, Cassie Larson (10:58); 22nd, Trista Curran (10:59); 25th, Lizzie Gifford, 11:09; 37th, Lauryn Swigart (11:46); 40, Jenna Jansen (12:05); 43rd, Mackenzie Vlazny (12:14); and 50th, Tess Hilgerson (14:00).

JH boys: 4th, Levi Tuecke (9:14); 10th, Max Wingert (10:55); 12th, Andre Shirbroun (10:58); 21st, Austin Sylvester (11:58); 28th, Andy Seeland (13:26).

“This was the first race for the junior high this season,” Coach Bauder said.  “All of the 8th graders who ran this course last year had their personal best – several by over one minute – and the 7th graders were nearly all faster than many of our 7th grade times from last year. So the kids started the racing season off in great fashion.”

By Pat McTaggart, Freelance Writer


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