Local women have centuries of knowledge to share

Borghie Tuecke celebrated a century of life in August. She was a school teacher, a florist, a mother and wife, and has been active in many organizations and clubs. (Photo submitted)

Agnes Schure celebrated her 101st birthday in July. She advises youth to live good, clean lives. (Photo submitted)

Blanche Kruse, 107, is pictured here with her birthday bouquet. She has many fond memories of her childhood in Osterdock. (Press photo by Molly Moser)


By Molly Moser

There must be something in the water. This summer, three local women celebrated their birthdays into the triple digits. Borghie Tuecke, 100, Agnes Schure, 101, and Blanche Kruse, 107, shared centuries of wisdom for this feature story.

Borghie Tuecke was born on a farm in Spring Grove, Minn., one century ago. She was the middle child and attended a rural one-room school. “I went six years without being absent nor tardy,” Borghie says. She fondly remembers skiing 1.5 miles to school in the winter. “We could hardly wait to eat our lunch so we could go outside. We made jumps!” she says.  

Borghie graduated from Luther College in Decorah in the fall of 1932. She began teaching in a one-room school, similar to the one she attended as a child. “That’s the first time I had to learn to build a fire, or carry water,” says Borghie. She notes that rules were different for teachers back then. “You couldn’t leave town, or go to a tavern.”

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