Brothers face charges of attempted homicide

ARENA—Two brothers from Spring Green are charged with stabbing and beating several people at a Halloween party near Arena.

Brandon Behrens, 21, and Shane Behrens, 20, have been charged in Iowa County Court after an investigation by the Attorney General’s office. They were scheduled to answer charges Wednesday, Aug. 28.
Charges include attempted homicide with a dangerous weapon, reckless injury with a dangerous weapon, substantial battery and strangulation.

The criminal complaint said the brothers attended a Halloween party hosted by Jodi Schmidt and Terry McKeown. During the party they fought with several people and were asked several times to leave.

The complaint stated that Brandon Behrens tried to choke Terry McKeown and slashed him in the side with a knife. McKeown was later taken to Madison hospital by med-flight for treatment.

Brandon Behrens is also charged with punching Kimberly Marks in the face causing a fractured jaw.

Shane Behrens is charges with wounding Calvin Jensen and Todd Kiester with a knife.

Both brothers are charged with slashing Nicholas Jones with a knife.

The report said McKeown had an 8-10 inch knife wound that was deep and bleeding profusely when he arrived at the hospital.

Jensen was reported to have 3-4 inch gash on his left inner thigh and a 2-3 inch wound on his groin.

Kiester, who was helping the wounded, was at the hospital when he felt pain and found laceration on his midsection and right lower flank.

Marks found her boyfriend, Jensen, bleeding and saw the brothers trying to leave. She opened their car door to stop them and was punched hard in the face, the report says. The witness said the brothers screamed they would “kill” those they were fighting with.

The brothers tell a different story. They said they were the victims and were attacked at the party.

But after receiving statements from the witnesses, investigating authorities arrested the brothers and the State of Wisconsin took over the investigation. The report said invitation to the party was through Facebook.

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