Citizens urged to be aware of lost strangers entering unlocked houses

By Police Chief Chad Abram

Over the past several months the Prairie du Chien Police Department has responded to multiple reports of strangers walking into homes in the early morning hours believing they are at a different address or completely incoherent as to their location. This poses significant risk to both the lost person and the home owners. In all cases the person walking in uninvited has been under the influence of alcohol and possibly other substances. In all instances, entry was gained using an unlocked door. It is believed other doors in the neighborhood were attempted to be opened but found to be locked.

This is of great concern to the police department because of the risk to both the lost and the home owner. If you plan to take part in adult functions that may involve over indulgence in alcohol, please stay with a group of people and keep track of your friends.

Tell someone where you are going and when you will return. Do not hesitate to report the person missing to the police when they do not arrive at their destination at the specified time.

If you are a home owner, please keep your exterior doors locked at all times. Check motion lights to be sure they are in working order or install them at exterior entrances to your residence. Call the police immediately when activity you believe to be out of the ordinary is taking place. Most of all, be protective of your family and property and report crimes to the police department immediately.

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