Ingleside members recreate photo from turn of the century

The 12 members of the 1909 Ingleside Club were, from left, Mrs. Yetta Purnhage, Clara Friedlein, Gusta Friedlein, Mabel Petters, Lottie Ihm, Emma Reinade, Mabel Ihm, Jessie Beyer, Mrs. Olive Pye, Mrs. August Borman, Mrs. Bob Scholz, and Mrs. Millie Sholz. (Photo submitted)

By Shelia Tomkins

A historic home on Guttenberg's South River Park Drive served as the backdrop for two similar club photos taken more than a century apart.

In 1909 the ladies of Ingleside Club posed for a photograph in front of the painted brick home   at 822 South River Park Drive, where member Clara Friedlein lived. Wearing lacy Gibson-style blouses,  floor-length walking skirts, and upswept hairdos, the  twelve women stood with sober expressions as the photographer recorded the day. 

When today's club members met for their August meeting, a similar photo was recreated with the house as the background, taken by Jennifer Johnston-Mehnert during her annual visit to Guttenberg from her home in Germany. Jennifer is the daughter of Jim and Lee Johnston, who now own the home,  and Lee is a member of Ingleside Club.

Today's club women are casually coiffed and colorfully dressed in dresses, skirts, and pants (the latter of which would have no doubt appalled their predecessors). Their smiling faces speak of the more demonstrative warmth of today's society.

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