Get your vehicle registration notice via email and an optional text message

You get emails and text messages from your doctor’s office, your hairstylist, and your favorite retailers; now you can add the Division of Motor Vehicles to that growing list. Part of a broader strategy to move toward electronic applications and online services, DMV launched eNotify to respond to the needs of its customers.

“More and more, our customers expect to do business online. It’s where they are, so it’s where we need to be,” said Mitchell Warren, DMV Bureau of Vehicle Services director. “People are busy; we want to make their lives a little easier.”

How eNotify works:

Once subscribed, DMV will send you electronic license plate/registration renewal notices for all eligible vehicles. You can receive them in an email. A text message option is also available.

Electronic license plate/registration renewal notices will include a link to renew your registration online.

You must subscribe at least three months in advance of the plate expiration to ensure receipt of an electronic renewal notice for a particular vehicle.

Find out more about eNotify at the official DMV website, in the announcements section.

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