Hook & Ladder program hopes to lure a crowd for night of fishing, canoeing and food

By Caitlin Bittner

On Aug. 21, the Prairie du Chien Parks and Recreation Department, in partnership with the Prairie du Chien Fire Department and the Great River Peddlers, will host a night of fishing, canoeing, food and fun.

“This is the third year of the event,” said Parks and Rec director Mike Ulrich, who is excited about how much the event has grown over the years. “We try to tweak it a little every year.”

The Hook & Ladder program, which is compiled of the above three organizations, plans for the event to begin at 5:30 p.m. and continue until 7, offering educational advice on canoeing and fishing. “Instructors will be there to help people, so no matter your age or level of experience, everyone will be able to have fun,” added Ulrich.

“It’s kind of a sampler program so people might be able to try out something they’ve never done before, or use it as a way to learn in a safe environment,” Ulrich explained.

Because of the event’s location at Washington Street Park, Ulrich hopes to highlight all the potential coming from the park’s new shelter house. “We’re hoping to eventually use the shelter for rentals so people can get out on the river and have fun, especially when they learned all about it at events like these,” said Ulrich.

Great River Peddlers will be providing the instruction on canoeing and Stark’s Sport Shop has donated the bait to help make the fishing portion of the event possible.

Aside from all the fun activities planned, there will also be food. “The Fire Department will be on hand making hotdogs and taking care of the food,” Ulrich commented.

In the past, participants in this event have ranged from kids as young as two to grandfathers in their 90’s. “It’s a good experience for anyone hoping to learn at their own pace. Last year we had about 50 to 75 people attend, and we’re looking forward to just as many this year,” said Ulrich.

If you would like to be involved in this year’s event, please call Mike Ulrich at (608) 326-7207 and pre-register.

There is a small registration fee in order to cover the cost of the food, which will be provided.

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