Reichard’s letter inspires donation from author

Robert Reichard poses with two of the autographed books and the signed poster that author Tim Green donated to the McGregor Public Library. (Submitted photo)


Robert Reichard, local student and patron of the McGregor Public Library, recently wrote to author Tim Green. Reichard’s letter inspired the best-selling sports author Green to donate books to the McGregor Public Library.


Reichard’s letter read in part: “Dear Mr. Green, I love your books. I have read all but three: Pinch Hit, Force Out and Unstoppable. I’m going to ask my local library to get those three books, so then I will have read them all. But I’m not sure if they will be able to order them because our local library is in a small town. Hopefully they will be able to get them. But if you would be able to donate any of those books to the McGregor Public Library, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.”


Best-selling author Green is a former NFL football player who has written a dozen adult books, as well as a series of sports novels for young readers. Last week, Green responded to Reichard’s request by donating three autographed books and a signed poster to the McGregor Library. Inscriptions in the books read, “Donated by Tim Green on behalf of his friend, Robert Reichard.” 


Due to Robert’s letter and  Tim Green’s response, the library’s Tim Green young adult series is now complete.

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