Acre Street, hotel, new hires on city council agenda

By Shelia Tomkins

At its regular monthly meeting on Aug. 5, the Guttenberg city council heard an engineer's estimates on proposed Acre Street improvements, listened to an update on talks for a new hotel in the community and approved the hiring of two reserve police officers. 

Mayor Russ Loven led council members Virginia Saeugling, Ralph Livingston, Dave Schlueter, Jane Parker and Steve Friedlein through the evening's agenda. City Manager Barry Dykhuizen and City Attorney Michael Schuster were also on hand.

Jim Bousley from IIW Engineers was present to discuss plans and cost estimates for Acre Street improvements. Approximately a dozen Acre Street residents were in attendance to listen to his presentation. Mayor Loven noted that no decision on Acre Street would be made soon, pending word on what additional costs the city will incur for levee accreditation, which could be in the 3/4 million dollar range.  "That is hanging over our decision to do Acre Street," he said. 

Options include widening the street from its present 26 feet to 31 feet to accommodate a pedestrian/biking lane. Bousley gave estimates on surface options, including seal coat, asphalt and concrete. All scenarios would feature a 12-ft. base of crushed stone,  which would provide a solid foundation for any future road work. 

Since last month's council meeting when costs for seal coat were presented, it was decided to seek estimates for asphalt and concrete. The project will be 1½ miles in length, from the Guttenberg Care Center on the south to the connection with recent improvements in the Lorenz Lane area on the north.

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