A new face in town: Dr. Nathan Shaw

The community welcomes Dr. Nathan Shaw, who will live and work in Guttenberg during the month of August. (Press photo by Molly Moser)


By Molly Moser

“When I think about who I want to be as a doctor, I want to be able to help anyone, anytime,” says Dr. Nathan Shaw, who began a rotation in Guttenberg last week. Dr. Shaw is a 2011 graduate of the University of Iowa Medical School and is completing his third and final year of residency in the Genesis Quad Cities Medicine Residency program. 

About four months ago, Dr. Shaw met with local doctors for dinner and tours of the facilities at Cornerstone Family Practice and Guttenberg Municipal Hospital. He decided to return, and plans to spend the next month practicing locally before he returns to Davenport to complete his residency. 

Dr. Shaw grew up in Dubuque, enjoying the river and a family hobby – motorcycling. Shaw’s father taught him and his two sisters to ride motorcycles as soon as they were old enough to drive. When Shaw was just 15, he rode a motorcycle to Colorado with his family. Since then, he’s been all over on his BMW R1100R. “I’ve always known of Guttenberg,” Dr. Shaw says. “I motorcycled through with my dad numerous times.” 

He cites his father, a general surgeon in Dubuque, as his inspiration for practicing medicine. “I was exposed to his lifestyle, and it seemed normal to me,” says Dr. Shaw. “He had an erratic work schedule, he worked a lot, and he missed things growing up – but I knew that he was there for people.”

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