Celebrate Guttenberg by shopping locally


By Shelia Tomkins

As the community enjoys Saturday's weekend activities that are part of Celebrate Guttenberg, local merchants ask that residents consider the benefits of shopping locally.

When consumers spend at locall businesses, there is a direct benefit to the Guttenberg economy. A successful local business is more likely to purchase local supplies and hire local service providers. Dollars spent in the community have an increased potential of staying here.

In addition, taxes on local businesses help support city services and infrastructure. It translates into money for streets, parks, recreation opportunities, public health and safety, as well as tax support for our school system.

A flourishing local economy benefits the quality of life in a small community. Many rural Iowa communities have lost the majority of their downtown businesses,  leaving empty storefronts and an atmosphere of decline. A vibrant and growing town can attract future investment and help maintain or increase property values.

Local businesses also add unique character and flavor to the community. Many visitors to the community appreciate the friendly service that most of us take for granted. Become a patron of Guttenberg businesses and you will be shopping with merchants who know you by name, sit beside you in the bleachers at school events, usher at Sunday services or lend a helping hand in a time of need. 

Do the dollars you spend at a big box store affect the quality of life in our town? Think carefully the next time you head to that city chain store to save a few pennies. What is the real cost of that "bargain"?  

* * *

For details on sidewalk sales and other special offers by local merchants this weekend, see the special section in this week's issue.

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