Boat capsizes, six people escape injury

Around 4 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 3, a 1977 tri-hull boat, operated by David Masbruch, 66, Belmont, capsized on the Mississippi River.

According to Burt Walters of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Masbruch, who also had five passengers on board, was at an idle speed when a big cruiser came out of the Marquette no-wake zone and opened up speed, causing a wave to wash over and fill the Masbruch boat.

Alarmed at the water in the boat, the occupants stood up, causing the boat to flip.

Walters said all passengers were wearing life jackets. Two passengers got gasoline on them, but were not seriously hurt.

The boat, worth an estimated $650, was totaled.

The operator of the cruiser was not identified.

Although the cruiser was in the clear in regards to the no-wake zone, Walters said the operator did not abide by Iowa’s speed and distance rule, which says that, when moving, boats need to be 50 feet away from one another, or, if idle, 100 feet away.

Walters said the cruiser opened up within 50 feet of the idle Masbruch boat, which created the wave that went into the boat.

“Boaters need to remember to be cautious and alert of their waves,” Walters said.

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